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KastKing Kestrel 128g BFS Finesse Baitcasting 5.5KG Drag Fishing Reel, Can cast 1g lure, Malaysia Ready Stock,Kiri

RM 469.00

KastKing Kestrel 128g BFS Finesse Baitcasting 5.5KG Drag Fishing Reel, Can cast 1g lure,  Malaysia Ready Stock,Kiri

5.5KG Max Drag 

11BB + 1RB

Can throw 1g lure and above

NEW Flyout Arc Finesse Braking System

NEW Feather Spool

Drag Clicker

8.4:1 Gear Ratio | 29.8″ Per Handle Turn

Spool Weight: 5.6g incl. Bearing | 28mm Spool

Bearings: 11+1 Double Shielded

Reel Weight: 128g

Drag Power: 5.5kg | Carbon Drag Stack

Carbon Side Covers

Hard-Anodized 7075 Aluminum Main Gear and Shaft

Carbon Disc Drag System

CNC Aluminum Handle

Shallow Aluminum Spool

Expanding on their bait finesse lineup, the KastKing Kestrel Bait Finesse Casting Reel is the perfect solution to the challenge of flinging light lures with a casting setup. In addition to shedding weight, those materials also maximize strength and durability enabling anglers to count on the Elite Bait Finesse Casting Reel for season after season. The internals are also strengthened with a hard-anodized, 7075 aluminum main gear and shaft that are linked with a 100% brass pinion gear.

The KastKing Kestrel Bait Finesse Casting Reel complements its impressively low weight and high power with smooth operation. The Elite Bait Finesse Casting Reel comes out of the box with twelve double-shielded ball bearings for a buttery-smooth feel every cast. It also comes equipped with a shallow aluminum spool and magnetic braking system that are optimized for pairing with ultra-light line and lures. A carbon disc drag provides smooth stopping power to turn a surging bass and its 80mm aluminum handle helps anglers crank them back to the boat. A featherweight reel that packs a big punch, the KastKing Kestrel Bait Finesse Casting Reel puts finesse power in the palm of your hand.

PERFECT REEL FOR FINESSE FISHING- The Kestrel BFS (Bait Finesse System) baitcasting reel is the lightest on the market weighing only 4.4 ounces! This reel allows anglers to effortlessly cast lightweight baits farther with greater accuracy while nearly eliminating backlashes. Plus, the minimal weight and comfortable, compact size make the Kestrel a breeze to fish with all day long!

ADVANCED BRAKING TECHNOLOGY- The FAF (Flyout Arc Finesse) Braking system was designed specifically for finesse fishing. Two half-ring magnetic brakes automatically adjust to slow down the spool when braking is needed to prevent backlashes. As the speed of the spool decreases, the magnetic field inside the spool diminishes and the magnets retract to maximize casting distance. There is also an external fingertip brake adjustment dial for fine tuning spool speeds for smaller baits.

INNOVATIVE SPOOL - The ultra-lightweight BFS shallow feather spool weighs only 5.6 grams! 




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