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RYOBI Original Varius GR30 Japan Full metal jigging reel drag power 15kg ,LEFT KIRI, MALAYSIA READY STOCK

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RYOBI Original Varius GR30 Japan Full metal jigging reel drag power 15kg ,LEFT KIRI, MALAYSIA READY STOCK

VARIUS Slow Jigging Fishing Reel
Ball bearing: 10+1bb
Gear ratio: 7.0:1
Weight: 345g
Max drag: 15kg
Line capacity (PE#-M): 1.5#-350/2#-300/2.5#-250/3#-200

【feature of product】
●This product uses high-precision integrated processing aluminum body, which has higher resistance to deformation and torsion than the traditional module assembly structure. The overall strength is achieved while the weight is reduced.
●Use 0.6 large modulus ultra-high-strength gear is used to ensure the overall fishing power and durability, and the Max drag can reach 15KG.
●Use one-way bearing and pawl double backstop mechanism makes this product have super high reliability.
●Use replaceable long rocker to achieve super fishing power.
●Use CNC processing wire guide to improve the strength and durability.
●Use an ergonomic handle.
●The protective cover can be quickly detached in case of thread explosion.
●The helical gear adopts double bearing support to improve the strength and durability.
●Use superlight spool and large-capacity design.
●The anti-collision line rod can prevent the main body from scratching the fishing line.
●Use multi-layer carbon cloth friction pads to obtain super strong and smooth friction.
●The thread guide moves with the reel at the same time to avoid the damage to the thread guide when the fish is slid.
●The wrench and wire cutter included with the product facilitate the use of this product.

- Full metal fuselage, exquisite appearance, modified stainless steel surface coated titanium, wear-resistant, high brightness.The main body is made of high strength forging aluminum refined processing, aluminum forging reels using semi-axis mechanism, kyoto high, transmission is good.
- Double brake system - double brake, which increases friction brake on the basis of magnetic brake.Friction gaskets with high friction coefficient of carbon fabric, high temperature, good friction effect, can achieve smooth and slow friction, can ensure that while preventing the explosion line while increasing flight distance.
- Ceramic wire outlet - oval wire rail release smooth, more uniform and delicate, smooth, low resistance, good throwing performance
- High precision quality, unique process of forging machine processing has long been high performance
- Imported high-quality stainless steel bearings, light and strong, adjust pull, make the control more smooth
- One-way reaction without gap
- Super 15 kg friction force

For handle fishing rod baitcasting rod, for freshwater fishing, sea fishing

The package contains VARIUS GR iron wheel x 1
Instruction note x1
Product packaging box x 1


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